The Big Bang


Our Big Bang was the realisation that we could do an awful lot ourselves to try to affect a positive change in the world. This is a blog about our attempts to minimise the impact that our family has on the environment and a way of sharing with you our findings. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to join us on at least part of our journey. So much of what happens in the world seems out of our control – this is our attempt to do what we can, where we can and minimise our global footprint.

Who are we?

We are a family of 4 (graphic designer dad, record company IT nerd mum, 3 year old terror daughter and 7 year old border terror terrier). We live just south of Bath in the southern most tip of the Cotswolds. This is the view from our house (well, driveway):

View from our drive

Not bad, eh? We consider ourselves very fortunate to say the least.

Jamie originates from the Westcountry and Kate moved there properly in her teens (after moving around due to Dad’s job). We spent nearly 10 years in London and loved it, but in 2017 made the decision to move back to the Westcountry to allow us to spend time with our daughter as she grows up and get a better work-life balance.

Our work-life balance is better, but not quite perfect. When we left London we had a clear mission – to spend more time at home. Since moving to the country we have embraced the lifestyle by growing our own veggies, pickling stuff, curing our own meat – you know, the usual stuff. Of course, being the good hipster types we are, we still wear Japanese denim and we don’t currently own any fleece jackets. What we’ve also started, along with a few billion other people, is trying to minimise our global footprint (without becoming hippies).

What are we doing?

X for Why? is a blog about our journey to try and swap items out of our life for things that are better for the environment or to stop using them all together. We’re basically planning on saving the world, one brand, one product, one change at a time. So we’ll be swapping Brand X for Y.

How are we going to minimise our global footprint and save the world?

Our current plan of action is to try to:

  • Reduce our food miles
  • Use less packaging (plastic and the rest)
  • Eat less meat
  • Use less stuff

And hopefully, by doing the above we will tread lightly on our lovely corner of the UK and ensure it still exists for our daughter to enjoy.

This is us
This is us…

7 thoughts on “Boom”

  1. Inspirational. Thank you. Looking forward to all your research, comments and findings.

  2. I am really interested in your findings. It is so difficult to know what to do in this area. I wish you luck (and patience!) as you navigate this murky world.

  3. Indeed inspiring! Looking forward to more details on this beautiful mission. xx

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