X for Why

Why X for Why?

We are two creative types concerned with the impact that our lives have on the environment. X for Why? is about our journey along a more sustainable path. By taking stock of our consumerism and understanding the impact that it has, we’re making big changes on all aspects in our lives. We’re looking at everything, from the things we buy to the food we eat.

We feel so powerless in the face of Brexit, Trump, popularism and corporate dominance. However, we realise the one small piece of power we have is where and how we spend our money.

We’re documenting our successes and our failures in the hope that you will use us as a resource for some changes in your life. Hopefully you’ll feel inspired and join us on our journey. Even swapping out one brand / buying choice can make a difference – quite literally, swapping Brand X for Brand Y.

Read about the Big Bang that got us to this point and check out our daily shenanigans on our Instagram feed.