Recycling Tips – an update

Recycling tips

Our last post was all about recycling and we've had some feedback that a bit more detail was needed. We therefore decided to do a mini update post to give you some recycling tips that fit in with some of the ideas we wrote about last week. Plastic Bag Recycling In our recycling post we… Continue reading Recycling Tips – an update

How to Go Beyond the Recycling Bin

Recycling - how to recycle more

While we try to start all of our posts with something that will make you chuckle, it’s hard when writing about rubbish and recycling. There’s not a lot of amusement to be taken from lugging boxes of waste to the main road for collection. Especially in our case where we have to walk up steps… Continue reading How to Go Beyond the Recycling Bin

A Bold Move – does eco laundry detergent actually work?

Throwing in the towel - eco laundry detergent

First off, let us apologise for being a bit late on this post. As the title may suggest, we’ve already hit upon some failure in our quest to be green. This weeks post is about everyone's favourite chore, laundry. But until we can afford a maid, it's got to be done by us. Part of… Continue reading A Bold Move – does eco laundry detergent actually work?

Hair today, (not) gone tomorrow

Visualise this image - sexy lady in a voluptuous bubble bath. Classical music plays softly in the background. A perfectly formed leg comes out of the bubbles. She gently massages shaving cream onto her leg. She deftly runs the razor up her leg. The curves of the razor match the curves of her leg. All… Continue reading Hair today, (not) gone tomorrow

Oil Change – Swapping Olive Oil for British Rapeseed Oil

Who doesn't love extra virgin olive oil on everything? Drizzled over tomatoes, dreaming of sitting in the sun in Spain or Italy with a glass of chilled wine. Mmmmm... But wait a minute. We don't live in Spain or Italy and the current view out of our window looks more like winter than the middle… Continue reading Oil Change – Swapping Olive Oil for British Rapeseed Oil


The Big Bang

Our Big Bang was the realisation that we could do an awful lot ourselves to try to affect a positive change in the world. This is a blog about our attempts to minimise the impact that our family has on the environment and a way of sharing with you our findings. Hopefully you'll be inspired… Continue reading Boom